A Crown of Swords Audiobook free – WOT 7


A Crown of Swords Audiobook free – Wheel of Time book 7

What’s A Crown of Swords Audiobook?

A Crown of Swords Audiobook free (abbreviated as aCoS by fans) is the seventh audiobook of The Wheel of Time Audiobook. With this audiobook, we have reached the midpoint of the series and like you might expect of a series this size, this is where things get soft in the middle.

The seventh volume of Jordan’s bestselling high fantasy series carries on the tradition of colossal, dauntingly complex storytelling established by the previous entries (Lord of Chaos Audiobook, 1994, etc.). The author is still adding complications. A glossary helps, though, and fans of the series will gobble down this generous addition in A Crown of Swords Audiobook. Major ad/promo; deluxe leather-bound limited edition.

Listen and download A Crown of Swords Audiobook free - Wheel of time 7
Listen and download A Crown of Swords Audiobook free – Wheel of time 7

Plot of A Crown of Swords Audiobook free

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

Elayne, Aviendha, and Mat come ever closer to the bowl ter’angreal that may reverse the world’s endless heat wave and restore natural weather. Egwene begins to gather all manner of women who can channel–Sea Folk, Windfinders, Wise Ones, and some surprising others. And above all, Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael, in the shadows of Shadar Logoth, where the blood-hungry mist, Mashadar, waits for prey.

Why should you listen to A Crown of Swords Audiobook right now?

Written by: Robert Jordan
Narrated by: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Length: 30 hrs and 31 mins
Series: Wheel of Time Audiobook, Book 7
Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this audiobook and really enjoyed reading it. It was a well-done continuation of the storyline with a good strong pace, setting up the next novel well.

I am interested to see where the story is going to head next, with Rand currently in charge of four lands and the Seanchan on the rise – I can only imagine the difficulties facing Rand in the coming novels. I look forward to finding out what’s in store in the next book, The Path of Daggers!


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Listen and download The Wheel of Time Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan
Listen and download The Wheel of Time Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan

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